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1. About the Project

Get insights and background information about the project as well as insights about the innovative aspects and the aims & goals of the project.

2. Our Partners

The #DARE-O consortium is made up of highly qualified organizations and associations that aim to promote health-enhancing physical activity all over Europe. The team consists of 8 partners from 5 countries

3. Status Quo of Outdoor Fitness in Europe

How did the project start and what where the main focus topics on outdoor fitness and health in public environment before the project starts. Does the installation of outdoor fitness spots increase the level of physical activity of the citizens? Check out our systematic review.

4. New European Wide Green Standard

We developed a standardized analysis protocol to quantify and qualify the outdoor fitness and health spots all over europe with an scientif based and evaluated mechanism. 

5. Inspire citizens with digital tools

All informations about the #DARE-O App, its features, roles and value for the overall fitness, health and inspiration of european citizens so workout outdoor. 

6. Chances for green & mental health in natural environments

Infomation about the impact of workout outdoor in the nature and in green environment on the mental health conditions. 

7. Results per partner

Check out all the results of dissemination, activities and outcomes per country and partner to promote and sustainably establish outdoor fitness and health in each organisation.

8. Summary

Whats next and what’s beyond #DARE-O. How can we increase the success of the project through europe and further develop an digital infrastructure to promote and inspire outdoor activities all over Europe

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