The Freiburger Kreis e.V. is a consortium of larger German sports clubs with currently over 180 member clubs and over one million sports participants.

In 1974, 23 larger sports clubs joined forces in Freiburg with the aim of conducting seminars on their own, thus closing a gap in the services offered by the German Sports Federation. Self-help was quickly extended to unbureaucratic tackling of problems of the larger clubs, for which no contact persons could be found at the federations and associations.

The Freiburger Kreis is independent of state sports federations and professional associations and, as a single organization, directly connects sports clubs from all German states. Through its board, its clubs and experts, it is a service provider for its members internally and a representative of their interests externally. Also important is the function of the Freiburg district clubs as employers

As a Member of this consortium the Post SV had the chance to show the project on 5 sites in the FK-Info 2-2021 Magazine – the Article is only available in German.